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Bangkokmobile is a demo project made by Mobilemaniac. If you like it and would like to take it to a real project we are ready to do that! We are looking for an experienced and well connected partner(s) that could manage the selling part of ads and pages in our guide. If you feel your are the right person then please contact us on the email below and let us talk. We want to make it "The stylish guide", giving visitors advice of where to go: restaurants, bars, nightclubs, hotels and massage/spa.

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Bangkokmobile does not collect, store, or hand over to 3rd parties any personal information. A session cookie may be set in your browser cache to make you able to use the website. We do however use Google Analytics to be able to see who visit our website, which browser they use, and other information. No personal information is collected that can identify visitors to our website.

Bangkokmobile 2023

Bangkokmobile is created as a demo project by Mobilemaniac - Scandinavian IT and web development.

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